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Mobile storage


Data storage seems to evolve just as quickly as our own storage needs, with production costs getting ever-cheaper and new devices with different demands hitting the market in rapid-fire succession. Wireless Mobile Storage is one of the new kids on the block, offering one great way to improve your mobile experience.

What Exactly Is Wireless Mobile Storage?

Tablets and smartphones aren’t known for their storage capacities—a few apps, a handful of media, and you’re out of space. Enter wireless storage. These devices are essentially self-contained media servers, serving up your audio, video, and files to multiple tablets, smartphones, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices anywhere you feel like taking them. With them you can:

Cut the Cord
These drives have built-in Wi-Fi, meaning they create their own Wi-Fi network without the need to connect to an existing one, and allow you to connect devices wirelessly. They also boast high-capacity batteries, meaning you can take the power cable out of the equation when you’re on the move.

Stream and Share Your Media
These drives allow you to stream music, video, and other content—often to multiple devices simultaneously. This enables you to take a large library of music, photos, and movies wherever you go, for sharing with others or avoiding those precious data-plan megabytes other streaming options might burn up.

Empower Your Smartphone or Tablet
These drives are especially designed for tablets and smartphones where storage is at a premium. Can’t fit all the songs you want on your device? Tired of syncing? Capacity is no longer an issue with one of these drives doing the heavy lifting. Custom iOS and Android apps are available for many models (along with streaming via web browser).

What Features Should I Look For?

There are a handful of features you’ll want to be aware of in choosing a wireless mobile storage device.

Available Apps
Does the device have a downloadable app for your iOS or Android device? Does it offer a browser-based application for other devices?

Sure, all of these devices are portable, but some may be more portable than others. Some, for example, are just tiny flash drives, whereas others contain a full-sized disk. Choose one that suits your portability needs.

Simultaneous Users
If you’ll frequently be sharing with others, you’ll want to make sure the device supports multiple simultaneous connections.

Additional Connectivity
These drives may also offer more than just extra storage for your tablet or smartphone: DLNA compatibility for connecting to compatible home theater devices (Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, etc.), the ability to act as a wireless hub/Wi-Fi hotspot when paired with a wired Internet connection, or flash media card reading for grabbing pictures from your camera or quickly swapping out media.

Battery Life
The rechargeable batteries on many of these devices means true portability, but you’ll want to compare how much battery life each drive offers to match your needs.