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OSUNGO is a new brand specializing in design and manufacture of energy-saving products, smart power supplies and the European style designed accessories for mobile devices.

The product range is designed in France, manufactured in China with a high quality control level and marketed worldwide under OSUNGO brand and on OEM/ODM. Our designers, engineers and factory have more than 15 years' experience in the consumer power supply products.

The exclusive GreenZERO™ Technology designed by OSUNGO is the most eco-friendly way to charge mobile devices by totally eliminating stand-by consumption (ZERO idle power) that other chargers consume when they are left plugged into the power AC outlets.

You no longer need to worry about unplugging your charger or switching off the power strip to save energy.

When the charger detect the device is fully charged or unplugged, It automatically shuts off with ZERO idle power to save energy and lengthens the life of your batteries by limiting the top off charging time.